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Why we exist

Changing Lives Learning Trust and its Sponsors (The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield Ltd. and the University of Central Lancashire) have always existed to change lives through learning.

We’ve created and established One Cumbria to deliver unrivalled educational career development; reaching every child through adults obsessed with excellence in teaching, learning and leadership practice. This is an authentic offer to the whole county.

By signposting and helping others to apply for opportunities, One Cumbria is constructing a network founded on a long-standing belief in the multiplier effect of a hub design that distributes capacity and expertise. We are committed to capitalising on an interdependent and therefore sustainable model that builds on the existing expertise and capacity in the county.

The opportunity of our geography has meant One Cumbria’s partners have delivered blended learning for years and therefore together we have helped overcome barriers in our rural and isolated communities as well as those more populated areas. We work hard to eradicate potential cold spots by building mutually respectful and transparent relationships.

One Cumbria brings together all those who deliver what is genuinely exceptional in our county’s education system while seeking out and utilising emerging pinnacles of professional development practice to strengthen One Cumbria’s reach in to every school and every adult who works with our children.

It doesn’t matter where you are; in Carlisle; our towns; between the fells and the sea, or the fells and more fells, we want you to feel that your valuable skills are recognised and that you are part of the vision of One Cumbria.

Our children cannot do without you and your development is crucial to the success of the children and therefore the county. You should feel like that every day, we should make you feel like that every day, because it is true.

This is Cumbria. We are One Cumbria. There is nowhere like it.