Initial Teacher Training

The start of the professional learning journey and our all-through teacher development curriculum begins with attracting trainees in to Cumbria.

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No matter which provider they sign up to, trainees will access the first stages of their common curriculum through placements in our carefully chosen, research-informed, designated lead schools. Some of what currently exists is not yet exceptional enough but our hub’s network can commission provision from relationships both in and out of Cumbria to fill gaps and fulfil our commitment to quality training.

Together with our partners, we can facilitate peer support and challenge for ITT, joint training, conferences and placement exchanges between rural Cumbria and more populated areas to see outstanding practice that will develop your own.

We seek and remove outdated or irrelevant theories because the children need adults who can apply current powerful knowledge of how pupils learn. We will ensure the highest standards of mentor training through a continual focus on education research to guarantee they are experts in their field and able to translate current evidence in to practice through well-developed experiences.

The teacher workload toolkit, mental health and supervision will remain core but our quality assurance measures provide practitioner-led identification of opportunities. For example, existing trainees have told us they’re most concerned about behaviour management so we start our programme with Tom Bennett’s materials and reinforce it regularly, particularly by mentors, so you get this golden thread throughout your training.

There are many routes in to teaching in Cumbria and it can be confusing but we hope the attached diagram can show you, in a clear way, all those routes, what you need to get on them, how you learn, who you learn with, where you’re based and how you get Qualified Teacher Status.

If you’re interested in training to teach in the perfect location for lifestyle, working and personal and professional growth then click here or go to our Train and Work with us page.