We currently have three Board members of One Cumbria and two vacancies that we are in the process of filling.

Changing Lives Learning Trust are accountable to The Department for Education for One Cumbria’s performance in meeting Key Performance Indicators.

This formidable Trust Board and governance model contains exceptional skills and experience, holding the hub and CEO accountable through One Cumbria’s Hub Board.

The Hub Board is chaired by trustee Vincent Ashworth, with Ofsted inspection expertise in initial teacher education and a thorough knowledge of Cumbria.

Trustees Michelle Pearse and Sam Twiselton are also members of One Cumbria’s Board.

Under the leadership of the CEO, partners will be required to accept the explicit and mutual accountability for a non-negotiable expectation of the highest quality of provision. We will not allow our reputations to suffer.

See our About Us page to read about our Hub Board.