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Welcome to One Cumbria Teaching School Hub

Where the best educational professionals in our county and beyond come together to make our vision reality – that all children in Cumbria, no matter where they live, will have access to the best schools right there in their own community.

One Cumbria Teaching School Hub is building a network to support our clearly articulated all-through career framework that understands and provides for the individual development needs of everyone working in our schools, and which will in turn lead to providing all of Cumbria’s children with an excellent education that will help them learn the powerful knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to thrive and shape their world.

We are working with partner schools and all our stakeholder groups, bringing strategic thinking together to build simplicity in recruitment, capacity ahead of need and a collaborative model of outstanding professional development.


Our aims are simple but ambitious. We will:

  • Give all schools access to high quality support, when and where they need it.
  • Connect schools together to build a sustainable, self-improving network.
  • Signpost teachers to quality-assured best practice from within Cumbria and beyond.
  • Recruit the best aspiring teachers, train and retain existing practitioners and leaders and make the Cumbrian teaching profession the most respected in the country.
  • Contribute to the economic prosperity of Cumbria by supporting a thriving education sector.
  • Never take our focus away from the outcomes and future of all Cumbria’s children, providing them with a preparation for life that is excelled by no other.

Initial Teacher Training

The start of the professional learning journey and our all-through teacher development curriculum begins with attracting trainees in to Cumbria.

Early Career Framework

The early career framework reforms are designed to create a step change in support for early career teachers, providing a funded entitlement to a structured 2-year package of high quality professional development.

National Professional Qualifications

The reformed National Professional Qualifications came in to effect in September 2021. They have been developed in consultation with an expert advisory group from across the education system.