Partnership Between One Cumbria Teaching School Hub and The English College in Prague

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The British School of Brussels

We are proud to announce a new partnership between one of Europe’s most prestigious British International Schools and one of the UK’s most exciting teacher training providers.

Trainees will have the opportunity to spend a period of their training in Prague, where they will gain experience of the International Baccalaureate and be mentored by expert teachers from all over the world. These placements are sure to give them new ideas they can then bring back to British classrooms, and will prepare them for changes in education as the sector increasingly looks globally for inspiration. They will also get a chance to enjoy living in their host city, where local staff will help them make the most of the cultural opportunities.

There will be two six-week placements available, between January and April 2022 with the opportunity of shorter “experience visits” after Easter, for those who might not be able to travel abroad for a longer six-week placement.

The English College in Prague is an academically aspirational, not-for-profit independent school, and a member of HMC and the COBIS Training Schools programme. Its curriculum is based on the British model, adapted so that its pupils can also get the Czech Maturita in addition to the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The One Cumbria Teaching School Hub is the UK Department for Education’s designated provider of high quality recruitment, training and professional development for the school workforce in Cumbria. Its specific funded remit is to provide services to recruit and induct Initial Teacher Trainees, and provide the statutory entitlement of two years’ induction through the Early Career Framework, which leads on to the newly reformed National Professional Qualifications up to executive leadership. It is committed to creating partnerships that supplement that core curriculum with experiences that create permanently positive changes in the knowledge, skills and experiences of our teachers. That is why One Cumbria is delighted to be in partnership with The English College in Prague.

In the first year (2022), the aim is to provide placements for up to five trainees. This number may grow in the future, as the English College and One Cumbria work together on exploring further potential collaborations, including shared experiences for students and shared professional learning opportunities for teachers.

“This partnership was born out of a desire to deepen connections between UK teacher training and British International schools in Europe. Our schools benefit so much from UK-trained teachers, and it is good for us to offer something in return. Educating children transcends national borders, and sharing ideas internationally will benefit us all.”
Tony Emmerson – Senior Deputy Head, English College in Prague

“We are excited by the opportunities that will be available as we develop our partnership with The English College in Prague. It will give our Initial Teacher Trainees the chance to develop skills in an international context and then return to Cumbria to share ideas and new ways of working. The partnership has the potential to help us all gain valuable experiences of different education systems, cultures, laws that govern education and the way all these factors influence the way children and young people are educated. We can’t wait to get started!”
Tine Beddoe – ITT Development Lead, One Cumbria Teaching School Hub

“We are thoroughly excited about the Teaching & Learning possibilities that this collaboration has the potential to catalyse. From prompting new ways of thinking about pedagogy based on the most current research to boosting subject knowledge and curricular innovation, all parties stand to benefit greatly from this arrangement.”
Emily Rankin – Deputy Head (Upper School / Teaching & Learning), English College in Prague

“Through international experience, teachers gain a wealth of transferable skills:  cultural awareness, global outlook and international mindedness, adaptability, EAL experience, and much more. A placement in a high-quality COBIS Training School will be a tremendous opportunity for trainees. This is an exciting example of how the UK and international school sectors can work together to grow the global teacher workforce.”
Dr Fiona Rogers – Deputy CEO and Director of Professional Development and Research, COBIS

For further information please contact Tony Emmerson at The English College in Prague tony.emmerson@englishcollege.cz.

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