The “grow” strategy of our all-through curriculum will build on the Early Content Framework for ITT, through ECF and beyond by a consistent on-line mechanism called our Cumbria “Record of Achievement and Growth” (CRAG).

It’s intended to be an on-line platform that diarises each learning and career stage, following you wherever you go. It’s aim is to eradicate the gap between each stage of your career and schools’ knowledge of an individual’s strengths and areas for development. We will supplement this with regular “health checks” reflecting our investment in you all and ensuring better retention.

To ensure you all have the right experience, the schools who advertise on Live Work Grow® will also be able, with your permission, to see you and signpost roles that may be coming up because they’ll be able to accurately match their emerging needs and opportunities with your particular skills. It will also provide you with opportunities to see how your areas for development can be matched to an opportunity advertised on LWG®.

Think of it as a bespoke Cumbria ‘Linkedin’!

As the Appropriate Body we will externally moderate the CRAG and assessments as an integrated part of your learning journey.

This platform is yet to be developed but there will be an exciting opportunity for someone to undertake that work and oversee it.