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April ECF Blog

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April ECF Blog 

Before you head off for the Easter break, please have a quick read about ECF happenings in the Summer term! 

What’s happening in April/May? 

If you started your ECF in September 21 you will be working through your fifth development cycle. 

If you started your ECF in January 22 you will be working through your third development cycle. 

EXTEND Seminars for Development Cycles 5 and 6 will be held on the following dates (if you have not booked a place at the seminars please email Tina your choice): 

Date Venue  
27/04/23 Rheged SECONDARY: Geography, History, RE, Drama PE 
28/04/23 Rheged SECONDARY: English, Maths, Art, Computing, MFL and DT 
05/05/23 Energus PRIMARY 


If you started your ECF in April 22 or September 22 you will be working through module five. 

If you started your ECF in January 23 you will be working through module three. 


PHD research – interested in helping out? 

“Hello! I’m a former teacher turned PhD student studying the career decisions of early career teachers. I’m looking to speak to current teachers (including trainees) about their career timelines and future ambitions during a 1-hour Zoom call. I’m hoping that understanding the career decisions of teachers will help us make teaching a better place to work.

Past teachers have said they have enjoyed the interview as it’s nice to stop and reflect upon what they’ve done and how far they’ve come.

If you are interested in this here’s a link to a survey to register your interest (it also asks a few demographic questions just for sampling purposes):
Hopefully speak to you soon!
Best wishes,

ECF Directory 

This is now live on our website. 

Support needed primary: 

Support offered primary: 

Support needed secondary: 

Support offered secondary: 

How to use the directory: 

If you need support in an area, please look at the support offered directory for your phase. If there is an offer there that meets your needs, please  let me know and I will put you in touch with the school. 

If you can offer support, please look at the support needed directory for your phase and then get in touch with me and I will pair you up! 

It would be wonderful if we could collaborate across the county to support our ECTs. 

Thanks for all your hard work with this. 

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with either Tina: 

or Jon: